Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School's Out Day 35: Guess Who

My six year old sometimes exhibits behaviors that make me think she really needs more one-on-one time....so at some point in her Kindergarten year (last year) we started having "game time" for a few minutes before her bed time. Her little sister goes to bed, and then we make a big production of "faking her out" to think Ava is going to bed too and then we sneak downstairs to pick a board game (which is all for Ava's amusement, Maddy really doesn't care/realize that Ava is staying up!). So tonight I opened a new game called "Guess Who." Now first and foremost, I'd like to say to Milton Bradley, "Are you freakin serious???" I opened the box, and see 48 little yellow doors that have to be poked out of a plastic bracket, 48 face cards that have to be slid into each of those brackets and then the brackets have to be put on two game boards. (see photo of one of the game boards). Not only did this take forever, but the little face cards DO NOT stay in the little yellow doors. I am writing them a letter to tell them they should rename this game and call it: "GUESS WHAT....you can open this now but you won't be ready to play until sometime next week." In any event, I sent Ava to get her PJ's on, brush her teeth, brush her hair, rinse with mouthwash, lay her clothes out for tomorrow, and start her college applications while I assembled this game. OK, I hope I can explain this clearly... each player picks a person to be(see front yellow card...I was Jon)... and the other player has to ask yes or no questions to try and guess who their opponent is (through the process of elimination). So I go first (to model the type of questions for Ava) "Is your person a boy?" She says, "yes," so I flip down all the yellow doors that have a girl card because that can't be her mystery person -she's a boy. First person to guess the other one's mystery person wins. Get it? (I hope so, it's for 6 year olds.)

Our game went something like this.....what Ava said is in bold....

"Does your person have a mustache?"

"Yes and he has glasses" (that's what we call TMI in this game)

"Does your person have brown hair?"

"She has a hat on." (ok, now I know it's a girl and she has a hat, there are only 5 girl cards in the whole game and two have hats, so I am very close to winning after this one question)

"Does your person have dark skin?"

I reply, "Yes."

She doesn't do anything, just sitting there....I say, "So put down all the cards that have light skin because that can't be my person." So she flips down some doors.

Her very next question, "Does your person have light skin?"

Yikes. At this point I'm thinking -- is it too late to play Candy Land, it's already put together.

We start another game, she picks her mystery person card (who I am not supposed to see/know -- the whole point of the game) and says, "OH COOL, I liked this girl, she has pretty blue eyes." (I couldn't let her win if I tried!)

There were so many more examples of her cognitive struggles with this game and I am so mad at myself for not remembering them but I am too exhausted at this point and my wine glass is now empty which is effecting MY cognitive ability to blog! The long story short -- I let her figure out a lot in this game and I could see her "wheels turning". She got it eventually...but it was wayyyyyyy past her bedtime.

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