Thursday, July 9, 2009

School's Out Day 16: Hubby's Blog Boycott

My husband informed me last night that he does not want to be the subject of my blogs every he threatened, "Or I won't be telling you stuff that's going on around here." HA!!! That gave me quite a chuckle. Like there's anything going on around this house that I don't know about. PUH-LEASE. Anyhow, the ironic part about him saying that is that for years and years he has been telling me, "Why don't you write something! When are you going to write a book or something....DO something with yourself and your passion for writing. The WORST thing in life is wasted talent!!!" And I have always told him that I have no ideas to write about! If someone else tells me a story idea -- I can write the story, but I have always felt that I lacked material. NOW that I finally have something to write about, he wants me to squash it...just because he's the subject (some of the time!). Now he's over my shoulder reading this telling me I make him out to be an a-hole. Is that true? If so, I apologize...he really is a great guy, a hard worker and an excellent father. "Oh yeah....write that in now that I'm standing here," he says, "you'll probably delete it once I leave." (that boy knows me so well, but I'll leave it in case he checks tomorrow).
(oh crap....did I just write another blog about him?)
PS: Got any story ideas????

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