Sunday, February 28, 2010


"Hey, look - Mommy bought you matching t-shirts for St. Patrick's Day!" Maddy says, "YAY! Mine is red and Ava dut a bwue one!" (got a blue one). Clearly, we are having some trouble with colors. So much so that her day care teacher (a former Kindergarten teacher) thinks there could be a problem. She said, "I went over the color white with her, and then I had her look out the window at all the snow and said, 'What color is the snow Maddy?'" Maddy replied, "Red." Yikes.

Back at home, an idea popped into my head. So with a hand full of skittles, I held one up and said "Maddy, tell me what color this is and you can have it." And one at a time she miraculously named all her colors. A little motivation goes a long way. ;)

My 25 followers have been harassing me for more blogs (and one very special lady sent me a super sweet message about the blog stories 'making her day' - thanks Marie - this one is for you!) I thought I'd write down a story that my friends keep asking me to tell over and over again. Not sure if writing it will do it justice, but I'll try! So Ava informed me one morning back in the fall, that when I pick out her outfit for school, she wears a sweatshirt over it all day to cover it up. With that she ran off to the bathroom - last chance before heading out for the school bus. So I opened up her backpack and sure enough, there was a hooded sweatshirt. I took it out and crumbled it into a ball and quickly pitched it under the china cabinet as I heard her coming out of the bathroom. She puts her coat on, throws her backpack over her shoulder and opens the front door...then she pauses, looks over her shoulder and says, "Mom.........did you take my sweatshirt out of my backpack?" And with a shit-eating grin I replied, "WHY YESSSSS I did..." and with that I gave her a gentle little shove right onto the front porch and closed the door behind her. And there she was with her little face peeking through the glass pane on the door looking at me with disdain and I gave her a great big wave, "BUH BYE!!!....have a nice day at school." Ha!! Kid doesn't know who she's dealing with! (Jokes on me, as she probably had 3 more sweatshirts in her cubby at school!)