Thursday, July 16, 2009

School's Out Day 23: circus act

22 straight days was a great streak, but let's face it, this day was bound to come. (Notice I couldn't let it come and go, I HAD to write something even if that meant writing about how I had nothing to write about). One random thing did happen to me today. I was leaving a home visit in a near-by town - I got in my car, looked up and saw a midget riding a 10 foot uni-cycle down the street. (Is "little person" the correct term? If so, I apologize) Does anyone know if the circus is in town? Cause if so, I should grab some tickets for the kids. (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried). Anyway....if you are feeling bleak and blogless, I apologize and I promise to egg the children on tomorrow to get some good material. In the meantime, check out my friend's

7/17/09 -- you know what's WEIRD??.....without seeing this post I wrote my friend Keri wrote about me in HER blog....
and she posted this pic of Ava from last summer. If you're looking for a photographer - here's your girl - TRUST ME!

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