Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

WOW... that was a close one. October was ALMOST a blogless month. But not for lack of material. I have some "Quotes of the Day" I'd like to share..... Let me know what you think. I may want to create my own daily calendar with these things and sell it for Christmas.

The scene: 9:00 last night. Maddy's been in her crib since 7:30. I go in there for the umpteenth time and there she is with her pajama top off. "MADDY!?!?? WHAT are you doing???" Her reply, "Lettin my beddy but-tin out." (belly button)

The scene: last night....9:30....Maddy' still at it. Rolly goes in her room on his way out the door for hockey, so he's fully dressed and has a baseball hat on. "Go to sleep Maddy!!" he says in firm Daddy voice.
"Where's dada going?"
"Daddy's going to sleep!"
"WIT YOUR HAT ON????!?!??!?!??!??" she says, in disbelief.

The scene: Ava's in her room dancing and singing (off key) to Jonas Brothers CD....she comes busting out of her room, "MUM, mum, mum....when I'm 8 and a half (random age!?!?) can you sign me up for opera lessons?" Sure Ava, just saw opera is being offered at the YMCA now.

The scene: my first grade classroom. The kids are sitting on the rug while I am reading a book. In come two of my girl students who are two peas in a pod (aka: always up to no good)....after what has been a looooooong time in the girl's bathroom (YES it starts this early). I say (in firm teacher voice) "GIRLS!?!?!? What on Earth were you doing in there?" The both reply without any hesitation. One says, "I had the runs." The other, "I was trying to go but it was stuck." Well, THAT'S what I get for asking them what took them so long in the bathroom!!!!

The scene: first grade classroom, we're reading a story called "Don't Ride Your Elephant to School." I'm joking with the kids about other animals, "So if you have a giraffe don't ride it to school!!! Does anyone in here have a giraffe???" One of my little boys shoots his hand in the air and waves it around madly, "OOOO -OOOOO-OOOO!!!!" So I call on him and he says, "My DAD has a FOOTBALL GRAFFE!!!"

Check back later for photos of the cutest little witch and her adorable black cat!