Wednesday, July 22, 2009

School's Out Day 29: Ava's B-day/Canobie lake

6 years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed feeling like I had been hit by a truck (thanks to a c-section)...but I was holding my precious little firstborn baby in my arms and it was a moment I had waited for my whole life. Today I brought that precious firstborn baby to Canobie Lake for her 6th birthday and nearly left her there until she was seven. With all the junk food she had, she still wanted more. Wouldn't go to the bathroom when we were AT the restroom..wanted to wait until we were 100 miles from it and then say she was going to pee her pants. (Does this happen when you take your kids out somewhere?) And then she whined all day to go to the Waterpark they have right there inside the park, so we finally went there. Changed everyone into their bathing suits (which is a project), walk over to the water and you would have thought it was liquid kryptonite and she was Superman's daughter because she was afraid to get wet/splashed, etc. Wouldn't stand next to the little baby water slides, never mind go on one. Drove my husband crazy. All of this aside, we really did have a FANTASTIC was 70's and overcast (perfect! I want the sun shining on me at the beach, not when I'm walking around an amusement park!), there were hardly any lines for any rides (such a pleasant surprise!), Maddy was so patient --never cried once, never ran off, napped in her carriage for an hour, loooooved the kiddie was like a dream. But today was bittersweet as well. I have always wondered at what age do kids lose interest in the "kiddie land" type rides....and today I saw that this was definitely Ava's "last hurrah" in kiddie land. She was a good sport and went on many of them with her little sister (and had more fun then she'll admit - I think!), but she was definitely more interested in the "big kid" rides this time. How did that little baby girl I once held in my arms grow-up so quickly? Happy Birthday Ava! I love you, you stinkin lil' brat. ;)

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