Wednesday, July 15, 2009

School's Out Day 22: Party til the break of dawn

OK, party's over - let's get past the touchy-feely stuff (yesterday's blog) and get back to the grind. Apparently Maddy thought it was her 22nd b-day instead of her 2nd because she partied pretty hardy in her crib last night. I felt like calling the bakery to see what sort of crack-like sugar concoction was in that brown pile-of-crap-looking turtle shell frosting (see yesterday's picture). That kid was on speed last night! She was in her crib GROWLING, counting to ten at the top of her lungs, yelling "STOP IT RIGHT NOW AVA!" over and over, to the point where I actually got up to check if Ava was really doing anything up there! Meanwhile, Ava was sound asleep in her room...mouth wide open, out cold. She yelled, "MUMMA come here right now, " then counted again (like I count to 3 when I'm waiting for her or Ava to do/not do something!). I was trying to do the old active ignoring trick, but when I heard "diaper off" I went charging in there (she had her PJ bottoms off and was working on the diaper) and said, "That's IT Maddy - go to sleep." She immediately yelled "OK" (which is one of her new favorite sayings) and did a flying nose-dive into the opposite corner of the crib (like she was sliding into first) - just missing her head on the slats. I think she would have knocked herself unconscious had she hit the crib.
I did hear her a few more times before she was finally quiet. Then it dawned on me.....had I just gotten the video camera out to catch her on film I could have put an end to all the madness immediately. She always stops whatever it was she was doing that made me grab the camera in the first place.

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