Monday, July 20, 2009

School's Out Day 27: Roll's vacay day 1 - beach day

Hubs is on vacation this week...I told him to pick what he wanted to do with the kids, because I get to do everything with them all summer. He decided he wanted to go to the beach today - which surprised me because he's not a "beach person"...but I guess he wanted to make today his annual trip to the beach. I even let him pick the beach he wanted to make his appearance at(because I didn't want to be responsible for all the belly-aching and complaining if I picked the wrong one). So we jumped on 128 and headed to Gloucester....pulled in Wingaersheek lot and saw the $20 parking sign, to which he said, "WHAT????? TWENTY DOLLARS!! are you kidding me? That's ridiculous. Nahant is $3." I thought to myself, "Here we go. Let the fun begin." I left Maddy buckled in her seat (aka: restrained and safe) while I sunblocked Ava in the parking lot (so much easier before they even get near the sand....but preferably done at home -for future reference) and Maddy was twisting and writhing and yelling, "sprinkle ME, sprinkle ME Mumma," as she wanted her sunblock on like Ava. As we lug everything down to the beach...Rolly is walking in front of me and I see him swatting frantically at the greenheads who have taken a liking to him. He turns to me and says, "If we don't have big spray, we might as well leave now, did you pack bug spray?" I replied, "Did YOU pack bug spray???" (Why is it always up to me to remember everything?) In any event, of course I packed bug spray....I am a three-time nominee for Mother-of-the-Year, how could I forget bug spray. (Actually, I keep a bottle in the car just in case). We set up the chairs, the umbrella, the towels, the cooler, throw all the sand toys down and five minutes later Ava says, "I'm boring (meaning bored) can we go home?" To which I reply, "Are you crazy? $20 to park, we'll be here till midnight. FIVE HOURS later (this is record breaking beach time for hubs) we packed the sandy, exhausted kids back in the car and headed home after a fantastic day at the best beach! Wingaersheek is so great for little kids! As the tide goes out, there are little pools of water left-over near the big rocks - we sat right by one of them, Maddy sat playing in that (questionably warm) over-sized puddle for like 2 hours. At low-tide you can walk out for miles and miles in the shallow water on various sandbars. There are crabs and hermit crabs, slush carts all over the beach, a snack bar, restrooms, and outdoor showers. If it weren't for the steep parking prices and greenies biting your ankles it would be THE PERFECT beach!

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  1. and you didnt call me! you were 4 miles from me - SERIOUSLY! you're KILLING ME! but seeing as it was the whole big family beach day and all - you're off the hook ;) glad you had fun... oh and the greenheads - yeah, not so fun.