Sunday, July 26, 2009

School's Out Day 32&33: Maine and Miss Morbid

Ok....all kidding aside, I need some advice. My six year old is obsessed with death lately! A few weeks ago she was lying in bed (which is when she seems to think about it) and she asked me what heaven was like and can you come back. Then we were driving to the park and she asked me "Mom, when you and daddy die, Maddy and I can still live in our house together!" She was actually pretty upbeat and happy when she said that, I thought maybe she was plotting something. Then a couple other comments here and there. Tonight...she was lying there in bed(we sit at the end of her bed for a few minutes) and she says, "Mom, do your parents die first or do you?" Ugh. How do I answer that one? So I say, "Well, you never know for sure, but most of the time everyone lives to be very old before they die." (which implies that parents will die before their children, but I didn't directly say so). She's quiet for a few minutes and then she's crying, "Everyone I know is going to die and I am going to be all alone. Just my friends will be here but not my family." Then, "Why do you have to stay in heaven?" I just don't know where this is coming from and what's worse....her fears are NOT something I can assure her about (this is not the boogie man under the bed)! She's right, everyone she knows and loves IS going to die and no one knows when. Does this ever happen in your house? Feel free to comment or email me privately!
On a MUCH lighter note....we went up to a friend's lake house in Maine this weekend (hence combining two days of blogging - you knew I'd slide yesterday in somehow didn't you!?!?) and so we were packing to leave in the morning. I am running around like crazy trying to pack in an organized way and not forget anything (beach stuff in one bag, PJ's and sleep aids together, lists to remember the important things: nebulizer, epi-pen, diapers) and hubs spends 30 minutes worried about ice and fitting everything in the cooler. I tell the kids, "Come upstairs, it's time to go!" Maddy replies, "No thank you Mumma." We hit the road at 9:23 - you guessed it -- Ava has to pee. So we make a pee stop, mailbox stop, ice-coffee & gas stop... and then we're finally on the road. A few minutes later the questions start "What state are we in?" "What's a state?" "Are we still in America?" "How many minutes left?" The old "Are we there yet?" cliche came to life! Good thing we only have 3 or 4 more out-of-state road trips this summer!

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