Wednesday, July 8, 2009

School's Out Day 15: Repent

My husband's grandmother (God rest her soul) was an old-fashioned catholic (aka: totally guilt ridden), and one of her favorite sayings was, "God is punishing you." You could stub your toe in the living room and she'd call from the other room, "That's God punishing you." I never really believed it, until today. When clearly God was sending me a message that I should not have been rejoicing in my husband's struggles last night with the children (see day 14 post). Today Maddy took her poopy diaper off and got her hands in it not once, but twice. And it happened right under my nose. The third time she got her diaper off she peed on the rug. I am not sure if she just likes to be naked, wants to mark her territory around here, or if she's ready to be potty-trained; the problem is that Mommy is not ready for child to be potty trained. I was hoping to at least get through our vacation next month. At her age ( 2) I can expect about a 5 second (if that) warning that she has to pee, which poses a challenge while waiting in lines at Story Land. When I am done pondering this toilet training issue (and saying my 10 Hail Mary's) I will move on to solve bigger world problems, like Global Warming. Yet, after putting coats on my children on July 8th, I'm not sure I have to.

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