Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do cribs get diaper rashes?

Just when I thought I'd never have time to blog again, I realized that just a few minutes of time in this house is enough material for a snippet of blog material. Maddy's new trick is to rub her crib down with desitin. Yesterday morning I was brushing my teeth and hair (at what I thought was lightning speed), but in that time this is what Maddy was doing in her room. (see pics).

So then last night, she was in her crib and we hear her on the monitor and clearly she was up to no good. Rolly jumped up, "It sounds like she has wrapping paper in there!!!! WHAT is she doing?" He goes running in there......and much to our disappoinment she was NOT wrapping our Xmas presents. In fact, little Miss Maddy had stuck her hands between the slats of the crib and was able to reach into her diaper bag which was on the floor next to the crib. So now in her crib with her she had diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and she was, for the second time yesterday, smearing diaper cream all over her crib.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Which witch?

My SIX year old daughter and I are in disagreement about which witch costume she should get for Halloween. Let's see if you can figure out who likes which one??? Click on the link below then roll your mouse over each costume for a close-up view.....let me know your thoughts and at what age should I have the pole installed in her room.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short and Sweet

So the other night Maddy was having a dance party in her crib....tonight apparently it's a birthday party.

I am downstairs as we speak -listening to her though the baby monitor... and I hear....
"Happy Birthday to you, DAH -DAH -DAH" (she's doing the "cha cha cha" thing that kids do now when you sing Happy B-day....where'd she learn that!?!??!?) Second children grow-up so much faster!
"Happy Birthday to you DAH-DAH-DAH"
Happy Birthday to Mad-dy, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!" There's some clapping.....some jumping... then, Rolly enters....and I hear...
"MADDY!!!! Stop taking your pants off!!!! Leave your jammies on. No more singing. It's night-night time."

"O-TAY Dada" she says in her sweetest-little-melt-your-heart voice.
Click...door closes.
A second later, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.... DAH-DAH-DAH" she starts up all over again.

LOVE that kid. JUST LOOK AT HER on her first day of "school" (home day care/preschool program). Then look at her... naked, in the bathroom, rinsing her diaper (which is not cloth)in the sink and giving ME the dirty look.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School's In: I'm exhausted

6:40 PM.


It SEEMED like a good idea at the time but BOY did it backfire.

You see Sunday night I pulled an all-nighter. Only I wasn't out binge drinking, I was laying in bed unable to sleep because my mind was racing with the 50 million things I had to do. Needless to say, by 6:40 Monday night I was completely exhausted and the kids were spent too. So, while hubs was having a nice relaxing night at a golf tournament dinner, I decided to put us all to bed. Everything was fine until midnight when Maddy awoke, well rested from her 5 hour nap and started her own musical theater production which lasted until 5 AM. She was singing, dancing, laughing, yelling....I went in there a few times, "Maddy close your eyes and stop talking." She would use her fingers to close her eyes and hold them shut, "OK Mommy, me cozin my eyes." Many a time I nudged Rolly, "Roll, go in there, she's calling you," I lied. He would try unsuccessfully to settle her down. But the part that really gets me, is that he came back to bed and the second his head hit the pillow he started snoring. This HAS to qualify him as a narcoleptic. Who the !?!?&%# can fall asleep that fast??? It's so annoying to someone who sleeps verrrrryyyy lightly and takes FOREVER to fall asleep. So now I have the headliner in her room carrying on for hours and hours and then the snoring chorus next to me.

And Ava, who obviously takes after her father, slept through it all until I woke her up at 7 this morning. And just look at that little face... and all those baby teeth. MY how she has changed in one short year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School's Back In and Shucky Darn....I'm the teacher.

Ok - I took a lot of flack from my fans (all four of them) - I'm sorry for those blog-less nights you had to suffer through. What can I say, I'm a busy girl now. Back to work and back to school for my C.A.G.S. and Reading Specialist License. Plus those two little rug-rats that run around this place and need my love and attention. So let's do a quick overview of the past few weeks.

"Back-to-School Nightmares" started in August (don't worry, all teachers have them). I've had a reoccurring one for several years now, I'm always wandering around the school up and down hallways and staircases and I can never find my classroom. Meanwhile the day is passing by and my children are unsupervised in the class - wherever it is. This year I had a refreshing new nightmare. I had set up my entire classroom and then my Principal made me move my classroom last minute to the front hallway area where everyone who walked in had to walk through it. Then there was the morning I was deeply asleep and in my dream I was flying over Sweden (must have been the Hanna Andersson catalogue I was perusing before bed), the view was spectacular, there were thousands of people in hot air balloons. Only problem was that I was flying in one of those baby pool floats -- you know the ones with the leg holes, yeah my feet were hanging out the bottom and I was riding with a stranger. I was startled awake by my alarm clock at 4:58 AM and I had to think for a good five minutes, "WHERE the *^%@& am I going at this hour?" Oh yeah, boot camp at the gym. I was still half-asleep when I got there....I actually signed in as "Keri Danvers" -- which the front desk pointed out when I left. But enough about me, do you see those adorable little faces? Ava lost her front tooth and she suddenly looks much older to me, and so cute too! Maddy's new trick is to lie in the top drawer of her seen in her picture. She rolls into it while I'm trying to change her. Her latest sayings are, "I no want to" and "I no like it." She gets herself dressed every day -- just not in her own clothes. She opens Ava's drawers and puts all her clean folded clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. Tomorrow is her first day at day care. It's a neighbor with a great little home daycare/preschool program. I took Maddy to visit last week. She opened the woman's kitchen cabinets, tried to scale the bathroom vanity onto the counter-top, and climbed the ladder on her son's bunk bed, and this was all in the first ten minutes. The poor woman was in shell shock, "Oh my," she kept saying, "I'm really going to have to watch this one!" "Oh no Maddy, we don't open the cabinets!" "Oh no Maddy, we don't climb on the bathroom sink." Something tells me there may be a new girl in town with all the blog material. Stay posted...