Saturday, July 18, 2009

School's Out Day 25: professional party planner

It was only moments ago, and I was lying in bed drifting asleep thinking how a day WAS going to go by without a blog and I was finally willing to accept it. And because I was so tired I didn't feel like getting up to take my allergy pill, but I was feeling like I really needed it. I heard hubs in the hallway and asked him to get me my pill and gave very specific instructions: "It's in the cabinet next to the sink, green cover, says 'Zyrtec', just one pill and bring me a splash of water please." He comes back a minute later, not only empty-handed, but BULL-SH*T....because instead of grabbing MY bottle of Zyrtec, he grabbed Maddy's....which, of course, is liquid. He tipped it over to pour the pill into his hand and instead poured out half the liquid Zyrtec all over the counter. And it's MY fault HOW you ask? Because, according to him, my bottle is not in there, and I have misguided him. SO, I get up and go to the same cabinet....and, are you ready for this...I hope you're sitting down, I MOVED SOMETHING, and shucky-darn there it was, just as I had suspected. (see "inner voice/outer voice" blog for more on this "hubby can't find things" topic).
Since I'm up, I might as well tell you about my day. It was exhausting craziness.....getting ready for girls' family b-day party at the house tomorrow. Hosting parties is SO MUCH work! The house is spic and span until the first 5 people arrive and then everything is a mess again and you have to clean it all up again after the party! And every year, when a) it's raining and we're all stuck in my house or b) I'm knee-deep in the after-mess - I say "NEVER AGAIN! Next year we're going to Chuck E Cheese!" Yet I always swore I'd never go the "Chuck E. Cheese" route either -- but let me state for the record: there is SOMETHING TO BE SAID FOR THAT! Places like that set-up, they clean up, and the kids have a BALL! And I also think it ends up being less money too! This year we're doing both....pool party at home (and the weather is finally going to cooperate!) and a kid party later in the week at Monkey Joe' we'll see if I can finally make up my mind about this once and for all. You're sitting on the edge of your seat, I know. Sorry to leave you with this cliffhanger.

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