Friday, June 24, 2011

Good thing I haven't saved a single PENNY for college...

Now that school is almost out - I wanted to make all of my loyal blog readers a handy-dandy summer study guide - just to keep your skills sharp. Lucky for me, my darling second grader brought home a bunch of work today. Included in her overflowing backpack was a big poster with a newspaper-like title: "Abraham Lincoln Times" where she wrote all about Lincoln. Here's what is says:

The writing prompts she was given are in bold, her responses are in italics and my snide remarks (are in parentheses.)

Character Matters...Abraham was a person who loved everyone who had any color skin and if a black colored person died he would care. (as opposed to the rest of us)

Jobs held: a post office

Where this person lived and worked: A post office (obviously a very short commute to work)

Fun Facts: Abraham is now dead. (Wow! That's a FUN FACT if I ever did hear one!!!!)

Other Fun Facts: Abraham is 202 years old. He was born in 1809. (A little contradictory to her other fun fact, but hey...still fun nonetheless.)

Major Accomplishments... Abraham liked when people were nice to each other. (I think that's all he really accomplished right? That explains why he's on the penny. I guess being President of the Unites States, abolishing slavery, and issuing the emancipation proclamation didn't really measure-up on her list of "major accomplishements" huh!?!?)

And last but not least, her stunning potrait of Lincon. I see Ivy League in her future. ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011

I was in the kitchen getting dinner prepared when I heard, "MOOOOOMMMM, I have a surprise for you!" She comes around the corner and says, "Guess what's in my belly?" (see photo).

I reply, "I don't know Maddy, what is it?" "I'm having a baby in my belly!!!!" she replies gleefully.

Now I'm no ob/gyn but I came to 2 conclusions pretty quickly. First this baby was breech and two - I don't think we're going to make it to the hospital in time, as this baby was already making an entrance into the world. Luckily Maddy then told me that she all ready for the baby's arrival. She had diapers, a cribby, wagons, binkies, toys. I quickly grabbed the video to get this moment on film. Funny how CUTE it is now and how NOT SO CUTE it will be at 16. :)