Friday, July 10, 2009

School's Out Day 17: One of a Kind

You know that song, "One of these kids, is doing his own thing..." (from Sesame Street maybe?)

Well, there were times when I was in my classroom and all of my students would be totally engaged in an activity, and then I'd look up and see onnnnnnnnnne kid off on the other side of the room singing to themselves and spinning in circles. And I'd sing that little line to myself.

Well, apparently God has punished me again (see blog day 15) because I have given birth to one of those "always doing their own thing" kinda kids. We were at the beach again today (which you should know, was MUCH better than our beach experience on blog day 4). If all the kids ran down to the water, Maddy ran up to the beach chairs. If the kids came back to play in the sand, she ran down for a dip in the water. She took her bathing suit off (of course she did -- see every blog for more info on that) and I couldn't get it back on her (unless I was willing to cause a scene and/or break her arms and legs in the process). At lunch time, she wanted the chips one of the Moms had -- they were salt and vinegar flavor, none of the other kids liked them. Not only did she like them, she DIPPED THEM IN THE BUCKET OF OCEAN WATER we had brought up to the chairs to rinse our hands! NOT ONLY did she dip them, but then she winced at the flavor, said "YUCK" and then continued to dip them in there. Then she dipped her portable yogurt (go-gurt) in the bucket too! And then cried when I dumped the bucket of water out. She laid face-down in the sand and put her FACE -down in the sand. Thrashed her tongue in and out trying to spit out the sand...then dove back in for another mouthful. I'm just not sure there are enough neurons firing in that little head of hers. But she definitely balances her quirkiness with the cutest little things. We were in the water and out of nowhere a big wave came and almost bowled her over -- splashed her face and all -- and she laughed and said "again mumma," like I could control the ocean. (boy would I like that). When we returned to our chairs and found the seagulls eating from our trash, she yelled at them "NO, NO beeerdies, dat's MY bagel." And when we were outside the bathhouse and all the kids were rinsing in the showers - she was standing on the bench looking down at the passers-by yelling and waving with her little chubby hand, "HI EVERYBUDDY, HI EVERYBUDDY, HI EVERYBUDDY!" like the Mayor of the beach. She may be one-of-a-kind, but I'm so glad she's mine.

PS: Know any good neurologists?

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