Tuesday, July 21, 2009

School's Out Day 28: hubs vacation day 2- rainy day

Today's rain came at a perfect time.....we hung out all morning with the kids in the playroom, set-up the toys, played with the toys (I think Ava beat Rolly in every sports game on Wii and he was not too happy about that) and cleaned up from the party mess. THEN, (here comes the best part), MOMMY got her vacation day....a few hours without the kids. While Daddy was at Chuck E. Cheese (hanging with all my "mommy friends" that happened to be there too!) I hit the mall, finally got to see the inside of the new Nordstrom's, perused Target - which is DANGEROUS -- not only because of how many things I buy, but also it looked like some of the letters from "Greatland" (which is being added to our local Target) fell off the building. I'm thinking "Why couldn't I have been here a little earlier to be gently grazed by the big 'G' as it fell", then I'd have some big G's. I also used my "vacation time" to take a class at the gym - I have to say it was nice to go to the gym when it wasn't 5 in the morning for once! Then tonight my friends came over and one of my friends just got back from a two week long Royal Caribbean cruise of Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. I tuned-out right around the tour of Mt. Vesivius part, but then tuned right back in when she told me that men in Egypt try to trade their camels for the women tourists. One man offered 5 million camels for this other girl on their tour. SO I wanted to use this blog to put the word out there.....if you ever see camels in my backyard and you haven't seen me blog in awhile....alert the authorities ASAP because an international crime has occurred. Rolly's eyes lit-up when I told him this new fun fact I learned.

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