Monday, July 6, 2009

School's Out Day 13: Speechless

Whew. That was a close one. 11:38 PM and blogging on Day 13 almost escaped me. I was lying in bed telling myself, "It will be OK" and "just let it go." "No one will notice, really... truly," but it was totally irking me. This is exactly what I was afraid of. What have I gotten myself into.
Today Ava had two of her Kindergarten friends over for a pool I got to hang out with their Moms. (It's SUCH a bonus when your kid has friends with great Moms!). The weather was freakin fantastic - definitely making up for lost time. If only I hadn't had to come in and ask the kids to come outside and play umpteen times. How quickly they forgot about all that rain.
They were inside....hip-hop daughter's idea no doubt. And I realized while I was lying in bed that it was exactly her hip-hop dancing that was leaving me speechless. (in terms of today's blog). To quote the movie My Best Friend's Wedding..."She's got moooooooves you've never seen" and would never want to see either. To the point where she'll be "dancing" and my husband looks at ME with this look of she got her moves from watching me dance around the house (in his dreams) or that I've been sneaking her out of her Kindermusic session and taking her to the Cabaret for amateur night. It's just as baffling to me, I assure him. Does this sort of hip gyrating happen in your house? We are in so much trouble.

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  1. OMG yes it should see Madison. It's out of control!! I have no idea where they get it from!