Tuesday, June 30, 2009

School's Out Day 7: Fritzy Fridge

The weather continues to disappoint....so I had to "pull out the big guns": a new playground-- this great hidden gem in Boxford where I had been once last summer. I called a couple of my mommy peeps and gave them directions. They were beside themselves. When you're a mom, and you find a new spot to take your kids, it's the equivalent of a 21-year-old finding the coolest new watering hole in town. It's as exciting as a young single chick (whose body has yet to be trashed by pregnancy and childbirth) finding a hot little fuchsia dress on clearance. So the kids had fun even though all the playground equipment was soaked and tomorrow is July 1st and they needed their jackets on (no joke). LET'S GET to the highlight of today....my malfunctioning refrigerator. I went to pour Maddy's milk this morning, only to find that it was frozen, solid. Let me state for the record that I hate Sears and the whole Kenmore line. We did our kitchen over a few years ago, and I got all new "Kenmore Elite" appliances...and THEY ALL S*CK. Don't get me started. In any event, we had this same problem with the fridge once last year too....I called Sears, only to find out that my extended warranty had expired July 8. Guess what day I called??July 10th. I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince the woman on the phone that there should be some sort of 48 hour extension on those extended warranties AND that I am CONVINCED they program these appliances to malfunction days after the warranty is up. So here we are, in July and the fridge is on the fritz, again --programmed to happen on the anniversary just as I suspected. Spent a good portion of my afternoon lugging everything to the downstairs fridge (glad I have it - but it's supposed to be for alcoholic beverages and expired condiments from last year's cookouts). Which also meant I could no longer ignore the sticky mess of whatever the hell melted in the downstairs freezer. Called my husband, (who, once again, gets to be at work) to B**** and he's annoyed at my phone calls. HA! Wait till he finds that I had no choice but to leave his "tasties" out to get warm. I have way too much food, esp. in the freezer. If you hear of anyone on the North Shore getting dehydrated any time this summer....send them over to my house as I have enough pedialyte pops to get the USA through the H1N1 epidemic. The ONE thing I am very grateful for.....that because of my dedication to FB and my blog...I haven't been food shopping in awhile. Think of all those over-processed chicken nuggets that were spared.
PS: Is it bad that I ate three Lean Cuisine dinners and a couple of Klondike bars for lunch? I just couldn't stand to see them defrosting.

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