Monday, June 29, 2009

School's Out Day 6: Bedtime Story

The weather still bites, we're in the house, blah blah. (can you tell it's effecting my mood now)Went to story time this would have thought they were giving out college scholarships it was so crowded. Turns out, they weren't - the only thing going on was the gathering of 200 desperate-housebound moms with their 400 children on another rainy day gathering around a minimum-wage-paid teenager who could hardly read a sentence aloud. Anyway....Ava had a play-date this afternoon (thanks Jenn!) and Maddy was napping. What was this Mom to do, but facebook, blog, and email (who cares if there's nothing for dinner and no clean clothes to wear - my 15 blog readers will be amused) I look at my profile on this account. I spelled elementary wrong in one spot...but more importantly there was one last part I had yet to fill in...."Random Question" and it said: "The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:" So I type the story in the little box, doesn't I type it again....(like an idiot), guess what, didn't save (true story)...third time's a charm (good news is: the story kept getting better), finally I use my brain and type it in a word document. So I paste it from word into my dice, story is too long. If you think I was editing it, AGAIN.....not a chance, esp. where I would have to remove the important details. If you think I'd forget about it, you don't know me at all. I spent all afternoon writing this thing....and can't wait to read it to the girls this evening. So here goes:
Ok my little precious darlings….gather ‘round…Mommy is going to tell you a nice bedtime story about the bald frog and the wig (as my blog profile has randomly suggested I do)…Once upon a time there was a bald frog. The bald frog couldn’t sleep because his green, clammy, mis-shapen head was too cold. Then, by some divine intervention, a wig appeared – floating peacefully on a lily pad near-by. The frog made a bounding leap and snatched up the wig and placed it on his head. He felt so toasty and warm (although he looked pretty foolish) that he hopped under his rock, closed his eyes, said his prayers (being sure to thank God for the wig), and WENT TO FRIGGIN SLEEP. And he NEVER got up to pee, not even ONCE. (and he didn’t pee his rock either). And he never, ever cried or called out for his mother….because he knew she was having the mommy time she so desperately needed and he would NOT, under any circumstances want to interfere with that precious time, because he knew her sanity depended on it. So the sweet little frog laid his pink-rock-star-wig head down and slept soundly through the night. And in the morning, he rose… ever so quietly (as to not wake his sleeping mother), made himself breakfast, sun-screened himself and sent himself off to summer camp. The End.
Now my precious daughters…..get under those covers so you’ll be warm and toasty like the nice little bald frog and GO TO FRIGGIN SLEEP!!!!

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  1. That rocked! I will need to try that with my 2 year old!!! THANK YOU!!!! LOL