Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Vacation Day 2: Snake Bite

Late yesterday I thought, "Will I really have enough 'material' to write one blog entry a day?" (which now would be a good time to tell you, that I VOW to only tell 100% true stories, possibly embelished a little for the pure sake of story-telling.) Then, last night after the chaotic hell that we call bedtime in this house, (Ava crying: "I don't wannnnnnna sleep alone!!!!" thinking: "KID - What I WOULDN"T GIVE!!!!" Maddy in her crib in the next room yelling "Watch tee-dee, watch tee-dee, Momma's bed, Momma's bed): I thought, "One entry??? Really?? Where shall I document the rest of the nonsense that happens every day around here?"
Anyway, day 2 of "vacation" (I will most certainly need to find a new name for this 8 week hiatus from school) began just before 6AM when I awoke startled from a dream.....I was in a big glass cage at the zoo (yes, the zoo again: see the first post....and remember, true stories only - you have my word!) and a cobra snake had siezed it's jaws on my leg causing me excruciating pain. I woke up only to realize that I had not been bitten by a large venomous snake at all. The cobra who caused the intense pain in my leg was actually Stephanie - the instructor from my Wed. morning "chisel" class at the gym who apparantly felt that she has been ignoring the calf section of our legs for the past few weeks. Well, rest assured hit the calves, hard. I will be thanking you all day in my head as I hobble around after the children.

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