Friday, June 26, 2009

School's Out Day 3: Sleep Technique

Today I would like to publicly thank my neighbors for not calling the police, DSS or the men in white coats to come to my house last night - as I forgot to shut the windows before I had my little hissy-fit in the kitchen. There were many an expletive being shouted at the top of my lungs and a few cabinet doors were almost ripped off their hinges. My children have become quite disagreeable at bedtime. Last night was night #7, I'm starting to see a pattern here. Does this ever happen in your house??????

With all of my methods exhausted (reasoning, making threats, pleading, begging, and crying PLUS my hissy-fit) I resorted to my basement (family room) - turned off the monitor, turned on the TV (loud) and got on my email and FB to try and tune out the madness. And there, online I rec'd help from two special friend Keri (mom of 2 lil ones, awesome photographer who I vicariously live through) and my husband's friend Chris (dad of 2, who is much older and more experienced than I). IM's were popping up everywhere - but they both offered me the same advice....."IGNORE IT".
It was like light dawned on marble head. WHAT!?!?!?? You mean,ME -- with all the yelling crying begging pleading bargaining and 100 visits to their bedsides was actually perpetuating the whole thing????????????? DUH. I should know these things. Didn't they cover that in the first class we all took to get our parenting licenses?
An hour or so passed...and I actively ignored the nonsense. And then.....there was quiet.

So tonight, when I'm out with some of my fabulous friends enjoying a lovely dinner on the ocean and some strong cocktails.....will anyone be online to remind my husband to IGNORE it??? I can't have him destroying the progress I made last night.

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  1. ha! it was my pleasure - i've so been there! you did great - now go enjoy yourself tonight!! xoxo