Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If I Only Had a Heart....

I made an amazing and enlightening discovery today...despite her self-indulgent, never satisfied, center of her own universe attitude -- it turns out my 7 year actually does have a HEART. After hearing a story from her friend about a homeless man she had seen, she proceeded to make a bulleted list of things the homeless man needs. I have duplicated her list below exactly as she wrote it...
  • bug spary
  • hat
  • gloves
  • jeans
  • jacket
  • cake/browns/cupcakes
  • house
  • money/bed
  • stuff he likes
  • pillow
  • blacket
  • chothes
  • lights
  • kicten
  • closet
  • pencil/marker/crayon
  • pen/paper
  • shoes
  • movies/TV
  • games/scrabble
  • clock
  • hiking bag
  • pajamas
  • big stick (I had to ask about this one - it's to ward off any animals that come near him)
  • boots
  • snow stuff

At the end it said, "We will do this in spring!" Oh my goodness, such a proud mama moment.

This is coming from a girl who wouldn't share a tic tac with her little sister, just for a little background information.

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