Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out....TOMORROW

Conversations with Madelyn could be it's own blog - but it would need a live feed because she's always saying something funny and ten minutes later I can't remember what she said. I tried extra hard to remember this little snippet from 15 minutes in the car yesterday.

From her little seat in the back I hear,

"Hmmmmmmm." (big sigh)...pause..."Daddy is SO handsome." (note to self: have Maddy's vision checked ASAP)

"Mum, when I am big, will I drive?" "Yes," I reply.

"When I'm a mummy, will I know where to go?" "Yes."

Excited, "I WILL!!!!!!!!??????? I will know how to get to Papa's house in Chelsea?"

"Mum, when I get big will I wear a BIG bathing suit-like a mom?" (oh wait, her vision must be fine after all.)

Me, trying to change the subject, "Maddy, Nana is coming to watch you tomorrow!"

"SHE IS!?!?!? Is TODAY tomorrow?"

"No honey, tomorrow, when you wake up."

"OH, tomorrow is today - YAY!!!"

No Maddy, not today, tomorrow. We have to eat dinner, go to bed and sleep and then tomorrow when you wake up Nana will come to watch you."

"TODAY Nana will come???" "No, "Tomorrow." "Is it tomorrow now?"

(this is starting to feel like "Who's on First") finally I give it up, "YEAH, YEAH, today is tomorrow, whatever." "YAY!!! Nana's coming!"
UPDATE: Maddy wakes up the next morning and says, "MOM, is today the tomorrow when Nana comes?" She doesn't forget, that's for sure!

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