Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Betty Freakin Crocker

The turkey roasting went so well that last night I decided, "What better to do on a snow day then bake a cake with the girls." So I told them we'd be baking Daddy's favorite cake -- yellow cake with chocolate frosting. From the other room Daddy mumbles something about his favorite cake being yellow cake with vanilla frosting and mommy should know that after 17 years of dating and ten years of marriage. But whatever, I digress. SO the baking got off to a great start. The kids washed their hands, took turns pouring in the water, oil, eggs. We were sharing and measuring and mixing, it was like Betty Crocker and mother-of-the-year together in one kitchen. Then came the only part I actually had to do without their help. Remove the two round 8 inchers from the oven and transport them to the cooling rack. The first half went smoothly and I had visions of my cake looking just like that picture on the cover of the Betty Crocker box. The second half, on the other hand, stuck in the pan (YES MOM, I greased it first). I had to shake rattle and pound this thing to dislodge it, which of course broke it into quite a few pieces. I still wasn't discouraged. I now had visions of using the frosting to repair the damage and get this thing all stuck back together - good as new. That plan shit the bed when I attempted to frost the top of the bad half, which was all crumbly, and made things worse. Then I broke the good half while transferring it onto the mountain of cake mess I had on the plate. I persevered and STILL thought I could manage to frost this sad excuse for a cake. I can't tell a lie, I thought of blaming it on the children. But truthfully, I think they could have done a better job. (and besides, they both would have ratted me out). They weren't thrilled when they saw the disaster on the counter (see photo) but the best part came when I placed the cake in front of them. Ava got hers first and she wrinkled up her face, which prompted mini-me (Maddy) to say in her sternest voice, "YOU EAT that RIGHT now." When Maddy got her cake she dove right in. (thatta girl!). Would love to write more, but I have to get ready for my job interview at Cake's For Occasions. Once they see this beauty, they are sure to be calling.

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