Monday, February 14, 2011

Going Bonkers

It was Sunday night, and I was getting lunches and backpacks ready for Monday morning. In Ava's backpack I find a bag full of tokens...turns out they are from Hampton Beach arcades. So I asked her, "Ava, where did you get these tokens?" She replies nonchalantly, "I made a bet with (friend who shall remain namless) at school and she lost, so she had to give me her tokens." As if that wasn't bad enough (who knew the degenerate gambling gene was heriditary), the conversation that ensued really threw me over the edge:
"You need to give these back to her tomorrow."
"Why? They're not money."
"Right, but they are tokens for Hampton beach, it's like money for the arcades there."
"But they don't work at Bonkers."
"Yeah, I know, they're for Hampton Beach, give them back to her at school tomorrow."
"WHY MOM? -- THEY DON'T WORK AT BONKERS!!!" (now she's giving me an attitude, she's irritated that I'm not getting it -- but really she's the one who doesn't get it.)
"AVA!!!! I'm not talking about Bonkers, I'm talking about HAMMMMMPTOOON BEEEEEACH in NEW HAMPSHIRE," I stretch the words out so it's clear as can be.
"Mom, I'm telling you, they don't work at Bonkers, why do I have to give them back?"
"Ava, first of all you shouldn't be making bets in school, secondly these are tokens, which are good to play games at HAMPTON BEACH WHERE THIS GIRL OBVIOUSLY GOES - THAT'S HOW SHE GOT THEM, SO JUST GIVE THEM BACK TO HER TOMORROW!!!!"
"But Mom, they don't work at Bonkers." (Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus, give me the strength)
This is no exaggeration, I was looking at Rolly for help but he was just shaking his head.
Now I'm a raving lunatic, "AM I SPEAKING ENGLISH???? WHO said anything about Bonkers!?!?? I'm gonna go Bonkers in a minute!!!! I'm talking about HHHHAAAAMMMMMPPPTON BEEEEAAACCCHHHHH tokens, it has nothing to do with Bonkers (now I'm saying it very slow and loud as if she was hard of hearing). Needless to say, she comes home today, the tokens are still in her backpack. At least no one's lunch money is in there.

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