Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pen Pals with Santa

Dear Demers Girls,
As Christmas quickly approaches, I felt there was no time like the present to let you know that Santa never ever brings the following Christmas gifts:
1. Drum sets

2. Make-up

3. Dogs, cats, or rabbits

4. Things with more than 10 pieces

5. Things that have to be assembled

6. Things that your mom and dad don't have (lap tops, ipods, blackberry phones)

7. Things that are hard to find and therefore exploited on Ebay and Craiglist. (Remember those Zhu Zhu pets I managed to make in my toy shop last year.....yeah, where are they now? Enough said).

8. Things that will cause any destruction to the household furnishings (scissors, paint, sharpies)

9. Things that involve you making crappy-tasting food items like: Easy Bake ovens, snow cone machines, etc.

I realize that this eliminates most things on your Christmas list, but rules are rules. And if any of your friends say that they have received any of these gifts from me, they are lying.

Much Love,
Santa Claus

What items does Santa ban in your your house?

1 comment:

  1. In the Bossi home you can add anything containing any form of liquid..a direct result of the Lava Lamp fiasco of 2008!