Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Naughty Girl

Let's recap the last 20 minutes with Madelyn....
4:45 pm...."Maddy, what did you do in preschool today?" She replies, making spit bubbles in her mouth, "Blew spitballs."
4:50 pm....playing with the dollhouse. Mom doll is pushing twin dolls in the double stroller. Mom doll (Madelyn) says to the twin babies, "Sit down or I'm going to SMACK YOU!"
4:55 pm....I leave the room momentarily and it's suddenly very quiet. TOO quiet. "MADDDDDDDDYYYYYY, WHAT are you doing?" I ask - but get no reply.
Oh nothing mom, just stripped down to my undies, got a stool, brought it over to the tree and now I'm touching the ornaments you told me not to touch. (See photo)
5:00 pm...she sticks her baby doll in the corner for a "SIX MINUTE time out!"
WHERE is she learning this stuff?????? (Don't look at me!)

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