Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mom to the Rescue

I apologize in advance for the bathroom talk, but that's where this story took place , so it was kind of unavoidable. I was in the bathroom getting ready for work this morning when Ava came in to use the toilet. Moments later she was screaming & crying "THERE'S A POOP STUCK in my BUTT!!!! HELP! HELP! Mom, there's a poop and it won't come out!" She was HYSTERICALLY crying so I figured it was the perfect time to lecture her about how eating more fruits and vegetables (see yesterday's blog) would help her with this problem. Well, surprisingly that little pep-talk didn't help with the situation or stop her from crying. I then told her to push really hard and rock back and forth a little bit. Nah, still crying. She then took a big deep breath and blurted out, "MOM, can you reach in there and grab it for me?" Now, I have always been one to say, "I'd do anything for my kids..." but this is really where I have to draw the line. Sorry kid. I'll pack you some prunes for snack.
Fast forward to 3 PM today....when I arrived home to the same kid, HYSTERICALLY crying because her tooth was, "VERY VERY LOOSE AND WIGGLY and IT HURTS!!!!!" Now this is her FIFTH wiggly tooth...and out of the four she's lost already, three of them were lost biting an apple. So we know this is a proven method and nothing to freak-out about. But she was carrying on like you wouldn't believe! Being the kind compassionate Mom that I am, I whipped out my cell phone to capture the nonsense on video. Too bad I don't know how to transfer it to my computer. In any event, she's on the video screaming and crying, "I just want this to be all over with!" (so dramatic - where on Earth does she get this from anyway?). Next she tries counting to ten and taking a bite of the apple but keeps chickening out (just like she did last night when she attempted to try a piece of broccoli!). Eventually she took a bite, out came the tooth, she spit it all out on the counter and we called it a day. No trying any more veggies at dinner time tonight...I'm just too pooped out.

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