Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do cribs get diaper rashes?

Just when I thought I'd never have time to blog again, I realized that just a few minutes of time in this house is enough material for a snippet of blog material. Maddy's new trick is to rub her crib down with desitin. Yesterday morning I was brushing my teeth and hair (at what I thought was lightning speed), but in that time this is what Maddy was doing in her room. (see pics).

So then last night, she was in her crib and we hear her on the monitor and clearly she was up to no good. Rolly jumped up, "It sounds like she has wrapping paper in there!!!! WHAT is she doing?" He goes running in there......and much to our disappoinment she was NOT wrapping our Xmas presents. In fact, little Miss Maddy had stuck her hands between the slats of the crib and was able to reach into her diaper bag which was on the floor next to the crib. So now in her crib with her she had diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and she was, for the second time yesterday, smearing diaper cream all over her crib.

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