Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short and Sweet

So the other night Maddy was having a dance party in her crib....tonight apparently it's a birthday party.

I am downstairs as we speak -listening to her though the baby monitor... and I hear....
"Happy Birthday to you, DAH -DAH -DAH" (she's doing the "cha cha cha" thing that kids do now when you sing Happy B-day....where'd she learn that!?!??!?) Second children grow-up so much faster!
"Happy Birthday to you DAH-DAH-DAH"
Happy Birthday to Mad-dy, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!" There's some clapping.....some jumping... then, Rolly enters....and I hear...
"MADDY!!!! Stop taking your pants off!!!! Leave your jammies on. No more singing. It's night-night time."

"O-TAY Dada" she says in her sweetest-little-melt-your-heart voice.
Click...door closes.
A second later, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.... DAH-DAH-DAH" she starts up all over again.

LOVE that kid. JUST LOOK AT HER on her first day of "school" (home day care/preschool program). Then look at her... naked, in the bathroom, rinsing her diaper (which is not cloth)in the sink and giving ME the dirty look.

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