Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toys R' Us and the T-Rex

Yesterday morning I took the girls to the library. Great idea Mom! Ava picked out some "just right" books to read and finish her summer reading log for first grade, there were arts and crafts at the table for the kids to do, and I bumped into a friend and the kids played for a little while. It was a lovely morning.Then I had a bad idea. Possibly the worst idea I've had all summer. I left the library and took the kids to Toys R' Us, foolishly thinking I could pick up a couple things I needed and let Maddy find something to buy with a gift card from her birthday. We weren't there THREE minutes and all hell broke lose. Maddy wanted OUT of the shopping cart, she was having NO part of sitting in there... the front or the back. So she ran around up and down the aisles finding random things and throwing them into the shopping "taco" (her word for carriage).
Ava was always one aisle over yelling, "MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOOOOOOOOOOOM, come see this. Come see THIS, HEY MOM...come see THIS!!!!" In the bike section, Maddy grabbed a helmet and put it on backwards while Ava rode a bike all around the aisles. Then Maddy (with her backwards helmet) plopped herself down, whipped off her shoes and tried to put on some Barbie roller skates...only problem was that they were still in the box - which she was trying to tear into. I had to wrestle her to the ground to get the helmet off, her shoes back on and the piece of ripped Barbie cardboard box out of her hand. What is it with toddlers....they have a grip like a vice when they want something! I was seriously sweating, trying to round the two of them up and get out of there. I also ran around trying to put everything back where it belonged. In any event the two of them will never see the inside of that store again if I can help it.
Later that day -- I'm on the phone with my friend - finalizing plans to go out for dinner (and MUCH needed martgueritas) when I hear both children screaming crying and my husband screaming on the top of his lungs (which is RARE). Ava wouldn't leave Maddy alone....and JUST like we keep warning Ava..."ONE of these days, Maddy is going to lash-out at you!" The day finally came. Maddy bit Ava...hard. I was in the middle of lecturing Ava of how I told her this day would come when I looked at her hand and stopped dead in my tracks....HOLY CRAP, it looked like the tooth marks from a T-Rex rather than a two-year old. I mean, look at this kid's picture. This is a happy time....a b-day party.... and look at her face...would you mess with her? The kid had pickles and pancakes for breakfast this morning. She's one tough cookie.

PS: in the last blog...I talked about how Maddy is always naked, wears Ava's underwear, writes on the floor with sidewalk chalk. So the next day she did all those same things again and I finally caught her on film. Please note....she has Ava's underwear on....but backwards, two different colored shoes on the wrong feet and other than that, she's naked and up to no good.

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